Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hey everyone!
Jen and I were just married, about a month ago, oh actually I guess 2 months ago...anyway, we have had quite a few adventures so far, some good times and some other good times, as far as I can tell, we have entirely avoided any bad times! One thing that I particularly enjoyed was canning pickles and peppers. While learning how to go about it from my mom and dad, and then enduring all the work I realized that marriage in a nutshell is pretty much like pickling pickles and peppers.

There is a whole heap of preparation--cleaning and preparing the produce,

scalding the jars, boiling the vinegar, and then the mad rush begins! The fun part is jamming the cucumbers or peppers into the jar and adding the garlic and dill (dill only makes it into the pickle jars, though it would be interesting to add it to the peppers?), then pouring boiling hot vinegar into the jar and tightening the lid really really tight! All of this happens in rapid succession 20-30 times.

Marriage is pretty much the same right? You have to prepare--lots. There are some pretty fast paced chaotic times, and sometimes they last for like 20-30 days, and then they are still not over... but then the next thing you know your sitting back enjoying some pretty dang good canned pickles and peppers!

Then next year you do it all again! We are looking forward to the pickles and peppers (I am at least) and we are also looking forward to canning some more next year! Marriage is awesome we are looking forward to as much of it as we can get and forever sounds pretty good right now!